Sweet Rice Dumplings – Pidi Kozhukattai

Sweet Rice Dumplings – Pidi Kozhukattai
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Kozhukattai is one of the famous sweet snacks in Tamil Nadu and is a common snack we do at least twice a month. The Sweet rice dumplings are so simple to make, all you need is 30 minutes and the ingredients.

There are a lot of kozhukattai variations available. I’d say these are the easiest ones with only 4 ingredients all are easily available. The variations include stuffed rice dumplings and there are a lot of stuffings option available. Coconut with jaggery, sesame seeds, peanuts and lots more.

Pidi Kozhukattai – Parveen’s Kitchen

These sweet rice dumplings – pidi kozhukattai are simpler and can be made in a jiffy. No serious business of folding the dough, or making the shapes.

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Pidi Kozhukattai - Parveen's Kitchen

How to make sweet rice dumplings?

You will need rice flour for this recipe. You can buy rice flour from shops or make some at home like it is done traditionally. So you need to soak the raw rice for an hour and partially dry them. Then grind them to flour. Sieve if you need finer flour.

So this flour needs to be dry roasted until you get the roasted rice aroma. This roasted rice flour is the major ingredient.

Pidi Kozhukattai - Parveen's Kitchen
Pidi Kozhukattai – Parveen’s Kitchen

Then you have to get jaggery and melt it in some water. Filter for any dust and keep it ready.

This ingredient is optional, but we never make the pidi kozhukattai without little chunks of fresh coconut. If you have only grated coconut, it should be okay as well.

Another optional ingredient is crushed green cardamom pods.

Finally you will need the ghee – clarified butter to grease your hands while making the dumpling[optional, the dough is not sticky] and to grease the steaming plate.

Pidi Kozhukattai – Parveen’s Kitchen

To make the sweet rice dumplings, all you need is to mix the ingredients. Then take a little of the mix in your hand and make a fist by pressing your fingers on the dough. You need to get the fingers marks on the dumplings giving them their signature shape and size.

Pidi Kozhukattai – Parveen’s Kitchen

Once this is done, you need to steam them for 10 minutes. Hot and delicious sweet rice dumplings are ready in no time.


So simple, very tasty and a quick healthy snack as it is vegetarian, gluten-free, steamed food and also dairy-free.

Check out the recipe below –

Pidi Kozhukattai - Parveen's Kitchen

Sweet Rice Dumplings – Pidi Kozhukattai

Parveen’s Kitchen
A traditional sweet recipe made with rice flour, jaggery and coconut these sweet rice dumplings are gluten-free, healthy and vegan. These are perfect as evening snacks and a delicacy made in festivals.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Healthy dessert, Snack
Cuisine Indian, South Indian, Tamil
Servings 12 Pieces


  • Steamer


  • 2 Cups Rice Flour Dry roast in a pan and keep it aside to cool. Use already roasted rice flour if you have it.
  • 1 Cup Jaggery
  • 1 1/2 Cup Water
  • 1 Pinch Salt
  • 1/2 Cup Little chunks of Coconut Replace with Grated Coconut
  • 1 tsp Ghee – Clarified Butter
  • 2-3 Pods Crushed Green Cardamom Pods Optional


  • In a pan heat the jaggery with the water until it is completely melted and comes to a boil. Slightly cool and filter it with a sieve or a mesh cloth.
  • In a bowl add the rice flour, salt, coconut and the cardamom pods. Mix well.
  • Add the jaggery syrup little by little and mix until you get a soft but NOT sticky dough. You should be able to tough the dough without it sticking to your hand.
  • Prepare the steamer – Add water on the bottom and grease the steamer plate with a little ghee.
  • Take lemon sized ball of dough, press it into your fist and gently press down so your finger marks are visible in the dough. Place it in the steamer. Repeat until the rice mix is over.
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Pidi Kozhukattai – Parveen’s Kitchen

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