My Dosai recipe and a little story

My Dosai recipe and a little story
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Dosai and coconut chutney..
I may have mentioned this before, but would love to share in all my dosai stories.

I never made idli and dosai at home until Raahil got old enough to ask for dosai or idli. And there have been so many failures in batter, it won’t ferment as expected or will be sticky or the idli will be flat or hard and the dosai won’t come off the pan. So many to say here and I even thought about buying the ready-made batter. But stayed put and kept trying until I got it right. Now and then have idli failures, due to rice quality. But never dosai fails.

All I do is soak 4 1/4 cups of idli rice, 3/4 cup of urad dal or black lentils, a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds for 3-4 hours. Together, yes I soak them together, due to time issues of grinding dal and rice separately. Then grind them, add salt and let it fermented on counter overnight.
Add a little more water to make dosai batter and make dosai.
Love them.. ♥️

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