Bread Omelette Recipe

Bread Omelette Recipe
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Bread and eggs are the basics of breakfast in most of our homes. There are a lot of varieties we make in a lot of countries – plain omelette with toasted bread, toast with jelly and an egg side, sunny side up, half-boiled omelette and so on. This bread omelette recipe is one such simple one, made with fully cooked eggs and the bread together in the pan – and the result?! You get layers of eggs folded between two slices of bread.

So simple, so many of us do this already. But this recipe is close to heart, because I like layers in everything. Layers of eggs cooked and you take a bite of this sandwich, that is so perfect. Heaven in breakfast plate.

This bread omelette used to be a favorite snack during my training days in office. ME and my batch mates used to have one sandwich each in every break. Good memories.. The sandwich there used to have mint chutney and mayonnaise spread on the bread slices though. This recipe is plain eggs and bread slices, though. But you can add any spread you have on the bread slices as you like.

Bread Omelette -
Bread Omelette –

So how to make this layers of eggs in a bread omelette recipe?!!

That’s so simple. All you need is eggs, bread and oil. And salt & pepper.

I always use white sandwich bread for this recipe. This is the commonly available bread in our place. But use any sliced bread for this sandwich. It is all about placing the bread slices in eggs in the pan, and quickly flipping them.

Check out my step by step pics

Bread Omelette -
Bread Omelette –


  • Heat a pan. Add oil or butter- Coat well and let the pan heat with the oil.
  • While the pan is heating, whisk two eggs with some salt and pepper.
  • Pour the egg mixture into the hot pan and quickly spread so the mixture is fully coated in eggs.
  • Take two slices of bread and dip in the eggs and put the dipped side up and let the eggs cook.Bread Omelette -
  • Carefully flip the bread and the eggs.Bread Omelette -
  • Cook for a minute and fold the sides, tucked in.Bread Omelette -
  • Fold all sides inside and sandwich the bread.Bread Omelette -
  • Serve hot with Ketchup.
Bread Omelette -
Bread Omelette –
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Tried this recipe? Let me know your comments..

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