Lassi the love of my life

Lassi the love of my life

Juices, smoothies and even infused waters may all be healthy and delicious. But there is nothing, I mean nothing has my heart and love as much as LASSI does. Lassi really is the love of my life and it is rich, delicious, creamy, sweet and just plain awesome.

In my blog I have a lot of lassi recipes. Check them all out. This one is plain lassi.. just thick yogurt and good old plain white sugar. Using white sugar at times is my secret indulgence.

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There is no recipe needed.. only a good blender or a hand churner or a whisk or a smoothie maker is all needed.

Yogurt and sugar. Some fruit to garnish.. you are set. Some do add cream, milk in the lassi. But we keep it simple and enjoy the tang of the yogurt with sugar.

You can add any sweet fruit in the yogurt, replace sugar for honey or any sweetener of your choice. It will be delicious.

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