Easy Vegan Gluten-free Jam Bars

Easy Vegan Gluten-free Jam Bars

As we grow up, most of us are leaning towards healthy ingredients, easily put together dishes. Some of us vegan, some of us gluten-free, some of us eat anything in moderate quantities and so on. Whatever your diet is, these jam bars will surely fit in. Check out how –

Vegan Gluten Free Jam Blackberry Bars

Jam bars are a childhood favorites – not exactly homemade but in the form of Jam cookies and biscuits. They might have had a lot of added sugar, refined flour and sugar etc., But still a favorite.

So I had to make jammy dishes that satisfy the sweet carvings, some what healthy too – This is where my recipe of these healthy vegan gluten-free jam bars. I made the bars with store bought jam, but you can totally eliminate the use of refined sugar by using homemade or sugar-free jams.. These are delish.!!

Vegan Gluten Free Jam Blackberry Bars

The Jam I used is the Bonne Maman Blackberry Jam – Best with loads of berries and goodness. If I cannot make my own jam, the next obvious choice is this.

This jam is loaded with real berries, a lot of chunks of it actually and is so yum, and is so very close to homemade and better than that if by chance your homemade jam is not good. Try this if you like it – >


Now that the jam part is covered, let’s move on to the the crust and the topping. I mentioned the recipe is vegan and gluten-free, and which is exactly the ingredients are going to be.

The major ingredients are old fashioned Rolled Oats and Almonds. And a secret here, I made use of the leftover pulp from making the Oat Almond milk for the base .

Check out the recipe if interested – Oat Almond Milk

Vegan Gluten Free Jam Blackberry Bars

The pulp had ground oats, almonds and a few dates – perfect for a sugar free crust or a base when mixed with a little salt and coconut oil. Which is exactly what I did – NO Throwing away the perfectly usable pulp if you can help it!!

For the topping, the crumble I made a very small batch of rolled oats, almonds, some brown sugar, salt and coconut oil – which again, is totally optional if you have more leftover of the oats almond pulp – use the same for the topping as well.

The use of the leftover pulp is purely optional, you can make the crumb topping and use the same for the bast as well. Since I wanted to re-purpose the good food, although the juice is extracted is the reason I’m mentioning it here.

Whichever the topping and the base, these bars are vegan with the use of coconut oil, gluten-free with rolled oats and almonds contributing to the solid crumble that is needed for these amazing delicious jam bars.

Ready for the recipe ? And oh, if you are interested in knowing from where I get my rolled oats – check this link – True Elements Rolled Oats

Easy Vegan Gluten-free Jam Bars

Recipe by FhareenaCourse: Dessert, Sweets, Gluten Free Jam Bars, Breakfast Jam barsCuisine: Jam Bars, American, EnglishDifficulty: Easy


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Recipe of a vegan, gluten free Rolled Oats and almonds Jam bar that is so perfect for healthy snacking, breakfasts and for your late night sweet tooth cravings.


  • Rolled Oats – 1 1/2 Cups

  • Almond – 1/2 Cup

  • Soft Dates – 4-5 or Brown Sugar – 1/2 Cup

  • Salt – 1/2 tsp

  • Coconut Oil – 1/2 Cup

  • Jam of your choice – Using Blackberry Jam – 1 Cup


  • In a food processor add the oats, almonds, salt, dates or the brown sugar and the coconut oil.
  • Blitz until crumbly.
  • Divide into two – One for base and the rest for the topping.
  • In a lined loaf tin or a square pan, press half of the crumbly mixture.
  • Spread the jam evenly over the base.
  • Sprinkle the rest of the crumb mixture over the jam until all the jam layer is covered.
  • Bake for 35-40 minutes until the top is roasted slightly golden and the bars are set.
  • Let it cool. Slice into bars.
  • Enjoy with a glass of milk.


  • Use the leftover pulp from making Oats almond milk in the recipe instead of making the oats crumble – if interested. Check my recipe for the pulp.
  • Just add salt and coconut oil to the pulp to use.
Vegan Gluten Free Jam Blackberry Bars

Tried this recipe? Let me know your comments..

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