A little breakfast post and tips for rice dumplings sweet kozhukattai

A little breakfast post and tips for rice dumplings sweet kozhukattai
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Breakfast of champions is always simple, nutritious, delicious and SWEET!!! YES, that’s how I like my breakfast and made my family believe the same too!
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1. Sweet rice pidi kozhukattai
2. Aval/Rice flakes with coconut milk
3. Orange juice

Naturally gluten free and vegan, this plate has been put together in 15 minutes! Yes.. perfect for lazy days, or when you are home after some travel and are looking for some home cooked meal or just simply for any day.
Below are few tips I follow when making these rice dumplings/kozhukattai

1. Always keep a jar of rice flour in fridge. Store bought or home milled, any is fine. But the rice flour come in handy in many ways.
2. Buy organic clean jaggery powder. This way you don’t have to break into pieces the rock like jaggery, filter or make a mess. Just add hot water to the jaggery powder. Your syrup to add to the rice flour is ready.
3. Use fresh chunks of coconutbif possible, but always copra or dry coconut or even dessicated Coconut is fine. The recipe just needs some coconut! That’s all.
4. Use ghee to grease the steamer plate. Prevents sticking and also gives nice flavor.
5. That’s all.. make kozhukattai often, not just for festivals. Because kids(including me) love it.

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