Pidi Kozhukatai on a busy day

Pidi Kozhukatai on a busy day
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Pidi kozhukattai or sweet steamed dough made with jaggery and rice flour. Cebause.. I was hungry today after a long day of calls. Almost all day I’ve spent on calls and reviewing numbers today!! And wanted a substantial break and a delicious snack that needed minimal preparation work.
In comes the gluten free, refined sugar free, steamed goodness of the kozhukattai.

Making these are super simple.
You need rice flour, clean jaggery powder dissolved in hot water(not  syrup), chunks of fresh coconut and salt. Cardamom powder optional.
Mix all into a firm-ish dough. Make dumplings by pressing a little of the dough in between your palm and fingers so the indentation of the fingers are showing. Steam on a ghee greased steamer plate for 12 minutes.
Healthiest snack is ready.
Perfect with some tea.

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