Homemade Spice mix – An introduction

Homemade Spice  mix – An introduction

When I started cooking, it was easier to buy the instant readymade masala packs or bottles and cook with them.

Homemade Spice mix

You know, the spice mix for Rasam, Sambar, the Idli Podi[The chutney powder] etc., But as time passed on, I have started making my own spice and lentils blend for all the traditional daily cooking with freshly sourced ingredients.

Homemade Spice mix

Lentils, Whole red chilli, Curry Leaves, a hint of hing, Coriander seeds, peppercorn, cumin,cloves etc., Sometimes, I do add grated coconut added in the mix – Gives a very nice flavor.

Roasted Spice & Lentil mix

All these ingredients are roasted with a little oil until golden brown in color. The smell that will permeate your home is indescribable. Let the roasted mix cool and then grind using a spice blender.

Homemade Spice mix

This powder can be used in almost all the savory dishes you cook and will beautifully elevate the taste of the dishes with no great effort. The spice mix will last for more than 2 months if stored properly in an air tight box in the refrigerator.

Homemade Spice mix – Roasted Ingredients

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