Simple Chicken Salad

Simple Chicken Salad
Dairy Free

Chicken Salad,  not any simple one but a simpler salad made using my 8yrs old kid’s recipe. Yep, made for him using his instructions. It is basically baked chicken, lettuce, carrots and some onions. That’s all..

Posting it in my blog as asked by him too. If you have followed me for sometime you’d know that we are 90% vegetables and fruits and the remaining only fish, prawns and chicken. I rarely cook and my husband is so very ok with it. Enter the kid, although I had been giving him veggies and mostly vegan good mostly with some fish thrown in till he was 6yrs it all changed in one week. Yes, when he visited my sister’s house for vacation he had tried chicken and has become a big fan. He thinks that I skipped a food group and felt so cheated  Anyways, then started the chicken recipes because the kid thinks I do not know any which was why I didn’t cook them for him.
So one day he found some youtube video and I must make him a salad with fried chicken(boneless), lettuce, onions and carrots.

I marinate the chicken, bake them, cut into chunks and then simply toss them into a bowl of lettuce, shredded carrots and onion. Mint dressing is optional and he doesn’t like it. Try it..

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Tried this recipe? Let me know your comments..

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