Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Burger Buns

Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Burger Buns
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Bread making in 2020 is in a total high – all thanks to supply demand, people staying in home; people needing a hobby to do something good at home and just some bakers baking things. Bread has been the most favorite thing to bake – And so many varieties of them too. I myself made a lot of type of breads, perfected my recipes and today in my blog to post the simplest homemade whole wheat flour burger buns.

Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Burger Buns - Parveenskitchen.com
Homemade Burger Buns – Parveenskitchen.com

These buns are made with whole wheatmeal. I have cut down on my refined flour intake a lot – so whole wheat flour recipe it is and you won’t even find any difference in the taste. They are wholesome, with a chewy texture perfect for your burger fillings and toppings. Toast them if you like.. these homemade buns are just so perfect for anything.

Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Burger Buns - Parveenskitchen.com
Homemade Burger Buns – Parveenskitchen.com

I may have mentioned in my other posts, but to insist again Yeast is my most favorite ingredient! There I said it again.. But just the wonders it does to the flour is AMAZING.

Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Burger Buns - Parveenskitchen.com
Homemade Burger Buns – Parveenskitchen.com

Anyhow this recipe is itself is so simple – flour, yeast,salt, water, some olive oil, milk to brush on the top and some sesame seeds. And about two hours of time – where you let the dough rise, rise again and bake, and rest. So simple to make and cut the milk or replace with some non-dairy substitute if you want a dairy free version. If you have a stand mixer, this recipe is simpler than visiting the stores for some buns or rolls.

Check out the recipe below and try them for your weekend baking project –

Homemade Whole Wheat Flour Burger Buns

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A wholesome Homemade whole wheat flour burger buns recipe that yields perfect burger buns every time.


  • Whole Wheat Flour – 2 1/2 cups [400 Grams]

  • Active Dry Yeast – 2 tsp [10 Grams]

  • Sugar – 1 tsp [5 Grams]

  • Salt – 1 1/4 tsp

  • Lukewarm Water – 3/4 Cup

  • Olive Oil – 1/4 Cup plus more to brush on baked buns

  • Sesame Seeds – 2 tsp


  • In a large mixing bowl add the lukewarm water.
  • Sprinkle the yeast, salt and mix with a spoon.
  • Close and leave it for 5 minutes until the yeast activates. Skip the step if sure about the yeast you have.
  • Add the flour on the activated yeast.
  • Add the salt and the oil.
  • Mix the dough into a very sticky mixture. Use a stand mixer for smooth sticky dough.
  • Lightly spray oil on the bowl and close it. Let it rise for an hour or until the dough is doubled in size.
  • Punch the dough and add a little more flour, dust the dough.
  • Cut into 6 equal pieces and shape them into a bun. A round smooth dough.
  • Place them in a baking tray with space to rise.
  • Cover with a warm kitchen towel and let it rise while you preheat the oven at 220 degrees Celsius.
  • Once risen, brush the buns carefully with milk and sprinkle the sesame seeds.
  • Bake in the preheated oven for 20 mins and the top is golden brown.
  • Once baked, take the tray out and brush the buns with some oil and cover them with warm towel.
  • Enjoy while warm or store in a container for up to 3 days.


  • Brushing the tops of the buns before baking helps the sesame seeds stick to the buns and also gives the nice brown color as they bake
  • Once the buns are baked, brush the buns with oil right away and cover them. This step gives the soft buns.
Homemade Burger Buns - Parveenskitchen.com
Homemade Burger Buns – Parveenskitchen.com

Tried this recipe? Let me know your comments..

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