Garlic Cheese Pizza Pav Bread

Garlic Cheese Pizza Pav Bread

Garlic Cheese Pizza Pav.. Pav is bread in Hindi. They are just like dinner rolls.. can be pulled apart, toasted or baked with filling sandwiched. Third of the above was what I did.

1. Roasted a whole bulb of Garlic with olive oil and salt, covered in foil in air fryer. Easier to roast Garlic in it.. just took 10 minutes at 200°C. Perfect flavor bomb.
2. Slice the bread carefully in the middle.
3. On the bottom half, Spread pizza sauce/Marinara or if you have it any Pesto will also work
4. Top it generally with Cheddar or any melting Cheese. I used a mix of Ceddar and emmental.
5. Add sliced onions, corn or pepperoni as you like. Keep it aside.
6. To melted butter, add the roasted garlic pulp, salt, Italian seasoning and herbs. Mix well.
7. Top the filled half with half of the Garlic butter.
8. Sandwich the top half of the bread.
9. Brush liberally with the rest of the Garlic butter.
9. Bake at 220°C for 10 to 12 minutes.

Crispy cheesy butter and garlicky pizza pav is ready.. enjoy with marinara sauce or Mayonnaise as you like..

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