4 ingredients 3 steps Bread Halwa

4 ingredients 3 steps Bread Halwa

Bread Halwa is one of the desserts served in weddings in India and I, I make halwa just to fix my sweet cravings! Why??? Because it is easy to make.

Bread Halwa

Every time we go for a wedding, relatives or friends there are Bread Halwa served. Some oily, very greasy with cheap oils, or sometimes with ghee, clarified butter. Sometimes really good with all the ingredients present in them in correct proportion.

After making my own trial and error versions – always with GHEE, I found the perfect recipe to share and that’s below.

Usually the bread is fried in Ghee or oil, think about deep frying bread. A BIG NO.

Bread Halwa

In my recipe I am airfrying the bread pieces with a little ghee, you can also bake the bread with a little ghee or butter or even oil, if you like until golden. A lot better than frying the bread, so healthy. Some what!

Back to the recipe, this is the easiest Halwa Recipe, you will ever need to make in a pinch with less preparatory steps and less labor. Totally no stirring job involved in preparing this recipe – And you will need only 4 ingredients to make and let time do its job and get you the best halwa you ever made.

Bread Halwa

And, as the title suggest only three steps are involved in making this delicious recipe –

  1. Toast/Roast/Fry the bread pieces
  2. Make a sugar syrup
  3. Soak the bread pieces in the syrup

That’s all.. Optionally you can temper some roasted cashews and add cardamom, add unsweetened khoa and make the dish festive 🙂

Check out the recipe below –

Bread Halwa

Bread Halwa

Parveen’s Kitchen
Low Fat, delicious and festive dessert – Bread Halwa with 4 ingredients
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 6
Calories 0.4 kcal


  • Airfryer – If you have it.
  • Oven – Optional too
  • Pan to toast the bread


  • 1 Loaf Bread Sliced and cubed in to smaller chunks
  • 3/4 Cup Sugar Half the weight of the Bread [ I used 3/4 cups for a medium sized wheat bread loaf]
  • 3 tbsp Ghee or Clarified Butter Replace with oil, if you like
  • 1/8 Cup Cashews


  • 1/2 Cup Unsweetened Khoa I didn't add
  • 5 nos. Cardamom Pods


  • Toast the bread pieces with a little ghee until golden brown. I airfried the bread pieces with a tablespoon of ghee for the entire pack of bread. So less fat.
  • While the bread is getting done, make a sugar syrup. There is no consistency test needed here, make it just until the sugar comes to a rolling boil and leave for a couple of minutes and switch of the stove.
  • Please ensure it it not so thick so it won't soak into the bread pieces. Slightly cool the syrup.
  • Now dump the bread pieces into the syrup and cover it with a lid. Leave it overnight if you have time, else at least half a hour.
  • In a small frying pan, fry the cashews and cardamom pods until golden and pour into the bread sugar mix.
  • Give it a good stir and enjoy!!! If using Khoa, mix it in now.


  1. Use any bread you have – Old and stale bread works well too. I have used wheat bread slices. 
  2. Pan fry the bread with less ghee until golden in color, if no air fryer.
  3.  Bake the bread with some ghee spread on in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 18-20 minutes if you want to use your oven.
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