Orange ricotta Cakes/Muffins

Orange ricotta Cakes/Muffins

Fruit bakes are my favourite. I have always loved to use fruits in any form in my cooking. Be it juice, zest, pulp or chunks of fruits. They always turn in to beautiful dishes and we all love them.

Fruit and cheese is a very favourite combination all over the world. Mine as well. So today’s recipe is going to be a unique combination my favourite cheese and fruit.

Milk is one ingredient we cannot do without. No matter, dairy free diet you have there is no denying that good quality dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese have numerous health benefits. And also gives way for making a lot of amazing dishes.

There are several non-dairy substitutes present for the dairy products throughout, nowadays. So people who are allergic to the milk products can use them and have the correct substitute used.

Thankfully, there is nobody with lactose intolerance in our family and known friends. So for all those people who have it, please feel free to use substitutes as applicable. I’m sure there will be no change in the taste 😍

In my cooking, I make use of a lot of dairy products. Milk – consume twice a day, Yogurt – have it for lunch without fail, cheese – use wherever it is possible 😊

Today’s recipe is my Orange Ricotta Cakes. The Ricotta is the dairy component in this recipe and the ricotta shown here is my full fat homemade ricotta.

Yes,making ricotta is very simple, a fresher choice than the store bought oneswhere you have to keep looking at the expiry date after you buy and have to think of making use of it well before it is necessary.

I just want to say that we must source the ingredients as and when required,especially dairy products that are easily perishable. So the ricotta used in my cakes is freshly made from boiling a liter of milk and adding a little saltafter reducing the heat. Simmer until the cheese separates from the whey andstrain the cheese in a colander. You don’t want to strain out all the moisture. from it just so your cheese stays creamy. There you have it, preservatives free, fresh homemade ricotta. Use the whey as you’d like – soups, smoothies,for breads etc.,

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Now to the recipe – I am using my freshly made ricotta and the small sweet mandarins that we bought yesterday. We mostly shop in Sundays, raid the grocery store, actuallyΒ J

The recipe is very simple and similar to making a cup cake, but I assure theywill taste like cheese cakes, just baked like normal cupcakes. Making cheesecakes is not always a successful feat, but these are in between cheesecakes and normal flour cakes and are foolproof.

Orange ricotta Muffins

Recipe by FhareenaCourse: Cakes & Bakes, Fruit Bakes


Prep time


Cooking time




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  • Butter – 100gm

  • Sugar – 100gm

  • Ricotta – 150 gm

  • Eggs – 2

  • Orange zest – 2tsp

  • Orange juice – 2tbsp

  • Salt – a pinch

  • Flour – 150gm

  • Baking powder – 1tsp


  • Beat the butter and sugar with anelectric hand beater or a wooden spoon, until they are fluffy. Add the eggs andcontinue beating until they mix well.
  • Add in the ricotta, beatingcontinuously.
  • Once they are mix well and looking fluffy, add the orange zest, juice, sugar, flour and salt along with the baking powder. Mix well. Your batter is ready.
  • Pour them in small cupcake moulds or in a loaf tin, or in any tin basically you want your cake to be in and bake in a preheated oven of 180Β°C.
  • Cups shown here needed 18-20minutes. Other larger tins may need 40-50 minutes. Please mind the size and don’t let them burn.
  • Cool them once done, and sift in icing sugar if you like.
  • There we have them – Cheesy cakey Orange Ricotta Muffins😍

Tried this recipe? Let me know your comments..

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