Purple Cabbage & Apple Juice

Purple Cabbage & Apple Juice

Purple Cabbage & Apple Juice
Saturdays have always been a try something new to eat and drink day for me. Being a picky eater and a homebody loving homemade meals, made by me or my mom only using ingredients I love to cook and eat is very important to me. So reading and experimenting different taste and combination is very rare. Which is why I push myself to try something new at least once in a week. I should say I mostly end up with surprises because you know.. when the results are super delicious and I add them to my daily diet.
So this Juice is one such delicious addition. And Cabbage as you know is super healthy and rich is phytonutrients and added with apples gives the super healthy juice to cleanse.

Just juice together a medium sized cabbage and 2 apples in your juicer. SERVE CHILLED.

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