Brioche and Breakfast – breakfast obsession story

Brioche and Breakfast – breakfast obsession story

Brioche breakfast.. with flat white chocolate. However it’s brioche and breakfast as I want to say about my love for the most important meal of the day. There has never been a day I have missed breakfast, that I know of. My mom, the great cook and inspiration to this day never has missed cooking breakfast and encourages us all to do the same for my and my sister’s kids too.

The woman is like is obsessed with her motto, never yo out without breakfast no matter how early it is. Even if it really early like 5AM, she will make us eat a little and pack the rest for later to carry along. I still remember the day of an interview right after my college days where the exam reporting at 7AM and we had to start from home at 4 in the morning. She woke up at 3AM, made idli and tomato chutney and asked me to eat at 3.45 AM. Knowing her, and not to irk her I ate too. Such is our obsession for breakfast and I still am like her. I never miss breakfast no matter how simple it is.. most days it is smoothies or a milky drink with fruits or toasts and eggs. Some days it is idli, dosai, Vermicelli, puttu or aappam. But there is always something for breakfast and I ask my son who leaves for school at 7.30AM to eat and go too.

And with my baking skills improving, my breakfast story expands too. With a delicious rich brioche like in the picture. I love brioche.. thickly cut and toasted and with some honey or jam. Every bite is heavenly and I love it..

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