Rice sevai with coconut milk

Rice sevai with coconut milk

Rice sevai with coconut milk
After two days of weekend outings and running errands that needed done I’m tired. Both of the weekend and physically.

Wanted to keep things slow and lazy for lunch and made this yummy bowl of rice sevai(unashamedly readmade) that I just rehydrated with hot water and coconut milk(from scratch though, extracted from a whole coconut at home)

Literally no cooking needed. All you need is to switch on the kettle while you get the coconut milk ready.
There are several brands of rice sevai in market. Get a pack of it, approximately 200g to serve 2-3 people. In a large bowl add the 200g of rice sevai, 1/2 tsp Salt and 400ml of hot boiling water. Close with a lid and let it rest for 3 minutes.

Rice sevai with coconut milk

Serve with coconut milk and sugar on top. Just simple, perfect and delicious.  In fact too delicious for a lazy lunch day.

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