New posts & Pics : Parveen’s Kitchen || July 12,2020

New posts & Pics : Parveen’s Kitchen || July 12,2020

Parveen’s Kitchen – Check out what’s new in our blog this week!

Check out this week’s new recipes.. 

Yogurt Almond Saffron Ice PopsiclesIce Popsicles made with traditional yogurt based sweet drink made of thick yogurt, almonds and saffron – perfect for summer snacking..Read More
Yogurt Almond Popsicles -
Yogurt Almond Popsicles –
Jam Stuffed PancakesJam Stuffed Pancakes – Jammy and fruity twist on the pancakes – Pancakes stuffed with Jam and a stack of these pancakes are perfect for a fun filled brunch..Read More
Jam Stuffed Panackes -
Jam Stuffed Panackes –
Two Ingredients Chocolate Lava Cake ||Chocolate FondantA super simple recipe of two ingredients chocolate lava cake aka chocolate fondant that is perfect for a quick dessert fix and is ready in 10 minutes.Read More
2 Ingredients Choco lava Cake-
2 Ingredients Choco lava Cake-
Simple Honey Orange PopsiclesA super simple honey orange popsicles recipe that is refined sugar free, fully natural and is so flavorful. These are perfect summer treats. Stash them in your freezer for daily fix..Read More
Easy Homemade Baked Coconut ChipsA super simple recipe of baked coconut chips that you can use as a snack. A healthy option and these chips can be added to your granola or any recipes that call for coconut. These coconut chips are crispy, no added sweeteners and spiced with .Read More

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