Ice Biryani || Leftover rice fermented congee

Ice Biryani || Leftover rice fermented congee

Fondly called as ICE BIRYANI in Chennai, the fermented leftover rice congee is the best breakfast ever .
It is simple, good for gut health, delicious and you get to repurpose the leftover rice!!!
Below is how you do it.
1. Add water to cover the leftover cooked rice and leave it on the counter for upto 8 hours. If longer store in fridge.
2. Remove the water if you like to add fresh water to serve, I mostly keep the fermented water.
3. Simply add yogurt, chopped Onion, green chillies and coriander leaves. Add salt as needed. Stir well
3. Serve with onion pakoda or any curry(leftover!!) on side.

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