Flavoured Breadcrumb

Flavoured Breadcrumb

Breadcrumbs are used in many cuisines and dishes, most cuisines having their own texture and flavours. Also, most of use the store bought ones and add seasoning which while good is not so tasty seeing they seem too toasty and burn when you fry.

So, here’s my version of homemade breadcrumb which you can modify as it is versatile and you can add herbs, dried spices, garlic etc,.

All you need is bread slices, salt and pepper for the basic version. But since we are talking about flavoured crumbs we need the below ingredients. And here I am going to show the pictures of breadcrumb made using a loaf of garlic bread, but you can use white bread which is equally handy and tasty resulting in great crunch.

Preparation time – 10 minutes

Ingredients – Makes 1 cup

  1. Bread slices – 4(Garlic bread if you can find it)
  2. Garlic cloves, peeled – 2
  3. Salt and pepper
  4. Dried red chilly – 1 cut in halves


  1. Toast the bread slices until they are roasted, but not too brown in colour. I simply chucked them in air fryer for 5 minutes at 200°C
  2. Add all the ingredients in a food processor nd process till you get the desired consistency.

There you have it, all prepared in ten minutes. Give your cutlets, kebabs and fries a fresh twist that is so flavoured you will never buy breadcrumbs from stores.


For Variations, you can add any of the below ingredients as you’d like

  1. A teaspoon of lemon zest
  2. A bunch of parsley or coriander
  3. Oregano seasoning for the Italian hint

And the list will go on, make yours and post your comments😍😍







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