Healthy Weight loss Turmeric Tonic

I don’t always write about weight loss. This I guess will be an exception. This recipe is a super food, that is so healthy, so delicious one must try to realize the benefits.
Lots of variations are possible, sweeten it, add more spice.. All will be good.

Soup maker Pav Bhaji masala

Slow cooking has got its own advantages – delicious, juicy, low maintenance – as in you can put them in and continue whatever work you have been doing and get back for a comforting, yummy lunch or dinner. Chili is one such comfort food. Comforting, healthy, nutritious and so much more.  In India we have…

Prawn stew with long melon

Long melon or bottle gourd, Soraikai in Tamil is one of the healthiest of the fruits used like a vegetable though in our cuisines. The water content present in it is so healthy when consumed is said to work in eliminating the bad fluids from our bodies. Well, true or not these make for very…

Chickpeas Stew – Slow cooked Channa masala

Channa(chickpeas) masala..
Deliciously hot and tangy,, lightly spiced with chilly powder, turmeric, coriander powder with sliced onions, tomatoes, green chillies and coriander