Healthy No Bake Crumble – Apple Crumble

Ready for a simple, Gluten free, healthy and easy, ready in 10 minutes crumble – yes, CRUMBLE!!!!

The only recipe you need to try to make for a healthy breakfast or for whatever meal you want. I generally eat small meals throughout the day – so if you are anything like me, you can have this wonderful Apple crumble anytime.

These are so wholesome & sweet, without any refined sugar in them, and the major benefit we all look for nowadays, very healthy.

Made with the old fashioned rolled oats and soft juicy Kimia dates[You can use Medjool as well], the crumble gives way for innumerable options and combinations.

Our recipe is for apple, seeing that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Let’s get down to the recipe. You will need a food processor for this recipe. But totally worth it, believe me.

Another thing, I want to mention here. I made these crumbles as individual mini servings. But you can do in a single serving dish and serve from it as well.

Serve it with thick creamy Greek Yogurt, perfect for breakfast.

Ingredients – Serves 4

For the Filling

  1. Apple of your liking or avaialability – peeled and cored and cut in bite sized pieces: 2 Nos
  2. Organic brown sugar – 2 tsp
  3. Ground Cinnamon – 1 tsp

For the Crumble

  1. Rolled Oats – 3/4 cup
  2. Soft Dates like Kimia or Medjool – 5 nos.
  3. Clarified Butter or Ghee – 1 tsp [Feel free to use Coconut Oil if have it]
  4. Salt – a Pinch
  5. Ground Cinnamon – 1/2 tsp
  6. Walnuts – 1/4 cup Optional. I have not used in my posted picture, but just to give you ideas of crumble variation.

Preparation Method

  1. Mix all the ingredients under the filling in a large bowl and divide them equally in 4 ramekins. OR in a same serving dish if you are doing it for a brunch.
  2. Fill all the crumble ingredients in a food processor jar, and pulse just until the ingredients come together, but still look crumbly and coarse.
  3. Sprinkle the crumble topping on the fruit mixture evenly. Serve with Greek Yogurt.

NOTE: Although this can be eaten raw, you can always bake them if you like them warm and toasty for about 15 minutes in an 180 degrees Celsius oven.

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