3 ingredients Peanut butter Cookies

Hi all.. today’s recipe is dead easy, all you need is to get the three ingredients in the list below and mix and bake. Sound easy??!!

No back stories, just like how this recipe came about. But I have made this divine tasting cookies many times now, with literally no effort at all and in no time less than 30 minutes, all work included of which the last 25 minutes you can mind any other work while the cookies are baked and cooled slightly.

The last step is totally up to you, if you are willing for it to cooled down.

The recipe is my three ingredients Peanut butter cookies.

The ratio of the ingredients is quite easy to remebmer too, so the pull them out, mix, scoop, press the classic fork mark and bake them.

Ingredients[Makes about 8 regular sized cookies]

  1. 1 Cup of Peanut butter[Using chunky PB here]
  2. 1/2 cup of soft brown sugar
  3. 1 Egg

That’s all folks.


  1. Mix all the ingredients.
  2. Refrigerate for about 5 minutes.[Optional]
  3. In a lined cookie sheet, scoop out the cookie dough equally with some space.
  4. Press down twice using a wet fork in opposite direction, making a lattice in the middle of the cookie dough, slightly flattening them.
  5. Bake in a preheated oven of 180 degrees Celsius for 12-15 minutes.
  6. Cool on a rack for sometime. EAT and ENJOY!!!

From my insta post

Craving some peanut butter cookies but only have a very few staples in your pantry? No worries at all, here we have them. The quick and easy 3 ingredients Peanut butter cookies.. 😍😍
Just three, gluten free(haha, even I can be poetic when food is nearby)😀😀
Recipe linked in my bio @fhareena :

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